VIF: Professores Tratados como Gente (PTG)

«The Visiting International Faculty Program, the United States’ largest cultural exchange program for teachers and schools, is dedicated to transforming lives through international exchange. VIF offers “highly qualified” teachers from around the world the opportunity of serving as teachers and cultural ambassadors in the United States.

VIF provides U.S. schools with world-class teachers who groom a new generation of students for success in a globally integrated world. VIF teachers work in the U.S. for up to 3 years and then return home to share their international experiences with students and colleagues in their home countries.»


«What benefits will I receive?
VIF teachers receive benefits tailored to meet the needs of exchange teachers, including:
Visa sponsorship and state teaching certification
Round-trip travel for initial-term teachers
Interest-free relocation loan
Bank account
Local Advisor Support Program
Health, life and disability insurance
Optional dental and professional liability insurance
24-hour emergency support»

The average annual salary range for VIF teachers is approximately $28,000 to $48,000. VIF teachers’ salaries are determined by their years of teaching experience and by the policies of the district and state in which they teach. In some cases, teachers may receive a higher salary for advanced degrees. In addition to the teacher’s salary, some U.S. school districts offer supplemental pay. At the time a position is offered, VIF will provide teachers with an estimate of the salary and salary supplement (if one is available) that the district will provide.»

Condições de elegibilidade
«To be eligible to teach in the United States with VIF, you must have proficiency in English, a teaching or university degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree and three years of K-12 (ages 5-18) teaching experience. Two years of driving experience is also required. New teachers with less than 3 years experience may be eligible to teach with VIF.»

Sessões de esclarecimento em Portugal
«January 26
8:30am Lisboa
Holiday Inn Lisboa, Av. António José de Almeida, 28-A, Tel: 351-21-004-4024.
January 27
8:30am Lisboa
Holiday Inn Lisboa, Av. António José de Almeida, 28-A, Tel: 351-21-004-4024.»

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