is for sale

this includes:

  • the domain name (and all subdomains)
  • the domain name
  • the database of blogs (and related databases)
  • all rights to the software*

the software requires mysql 4.1 and php 5.

i don’t have a price in mind, so don’t ask. cash-flow wise, the site has cost approximately $3500 to date (mostly for hosting), and has earned less than $750 (mostly from google adsense ads). on an on-going basis, the site currently operates at about a $20 net loss per month.

a snapshot of the web stats is available. in terms of bandwidth, this only reflects about a quarter of the bandwidth used by the site: it also uses substantial incoming bandwidth when checking sites that have pinged, and some additional outgoing bandwidth is used by the streaming update service.

if you have questions, or are interested, you can contact me at (i will include answers to common questions on this page.)

* note that the software is currently available under a very liberal open-source license. you certainly aren’t obligated to continue releasing new code under that license, but for the existing code, the genie is already out of the bottle.

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